Royal Air Force

1925 Royal Air Force Officers Sword and Scabbard

1925 Royal Air Force Officers Sword and Scabbard

The current regulation Royal Air Force Officers’ sword as set forth by the Air Ministry in 1925. The sword boasts a highly polished, hand forged single edged high carbon steel blade. The gold-plated hilt is elegantly stamped with the emblem bearing cartouche of the Royal Air Force.

Defined by a beautifully crafted gold-plated eagles head, the sword hilt is traditionally coated in stretched, dyed and age dried ray skin. The scabbard is made of black buffalo rawhide and fitted with gold plated belt mounts.

Crown Swords is the only UK company to provide every pattern of sword and scabbard currently in use by the British and Commonwealth Armed Forces. All of our materials, including our steel, is sourced from UK registered suppliers. Renowned as one of the finest in the world, our steel is produced in a Ministry of Defence audited and approved plant by ISO 9001 accredited WSC/TSE UK.

All swords adhere strictly to current MOD regulation and are commissioned to be carried on parade by officers of His Majesty’s Armed Forces and Commonwealth.

Crown Swords offers a 0% payment option when purchasing any officers sword, scabbard and parade package. Enquire today to discuss your tailored plan with one of our experienced consultants.

Each stage of production is overseen by the Former General Manager of Wilkinson Sword, Mr. Malcolm Ordever.

Mr. Malcolm Ordever
Former General Manager of Wilkinson Sword
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Sword Specification

High carbon tempered steel acid etched to the 1925 pattern
Length of blade at shoulder point
825mm ± 5mm
Width of blade at shoulder
21mm ± 0.75mm
Thickness of blade at shoulder
6.2mm ± 0.1mm
Overall length of Sword
965mm ± 5mm
Weight of Sword
920g ± 60g
24-Karat gold plated brass cast eagle pommel
24-Karat gold plated brass stamping 1.6mm polished
24-Karat gold plated brass stamped badge polished
24-Karat gold plated brass polished
Wooden core covered in fish skin woven with gold-plated copper wire
Buffalo Rawhide with gold-plated brass mounts, rings, mouthpiece and laurels
Commissioned Officers of the Royal Air Force